Payment &Cancellation

How will we find the boat on the first day?

We send you a detailed Welcome Pack with a map, official google address of the marina, and all transport options from arrival hubs to the marina. We can also prebook Private Transfers so you will have a driver meeting you and bringing you to the embarkation point.

What days do your holidays start and finish?

Our guaranteed 7 night tours start and finish on these days:

- Saturday to Saturday - Mallorca and Split

- Sunday to Sunday - Mallorca and Split

- Wednesday to Wednesday - Mallorca and Split

For Tailored Private Yacht Tours we are here to check you in on most other days. It is practical for short trips to start up until Monday or Tuesday and we do offer shorter trips depending on availability so email us for further information.

Where can we sail from?

We sail from the Marina Naviera Balear, Av de Gabriel Roca, Palma de Mallorca



Can I put a reservation on a cabin or yacht?

When you see the right option for you, reply here on email that you'd like to "hold" a cabin or yacht. We check availability and confirm on email.

This 'reservation' in your name is for 3 days. If we don't receive an extension or booking request from you within this 3 day period, the cabin or yacht automatically reverts to public availability.

How do I make a booking?

We need to receive booking requests in writing on email or with our booking system built into the website.

All bookings are processed in date order so send us an email reply before your hold expires that you'd like to "book".

We will then reply confirming the booking. You can pay through the website or direct through